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Livestock Feed

Raise healthy, profitable livestock

As a farmer or rancher, your income depends on the well-being of your livestock– Let us help you raise them well.

Feed Products


We carry:

  • Purina® Equine Junior
  • Purina ® Equine Senior
  • Purina® Equine Senior Active
  • Purina® Equine Adult
  • Purina® WellSolve L/S
  • Purina® Omolene 100
  • Purina® Omolene 200
  • Purina® Omolene 300
  • Purina® Strategy GX
  • Purina® Strategy Healthy Edge
  • Purina® Ultium Competition
  • Purina® Ultium Growth
  • Purina® Enrich Plus
  • Purina® Impact Horse Feeds
  • SuperSport® Amino Acid Supplement
  • Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement
  • Free Balance 12:12 Horse Mineral Block or Loose
  • M-G® Super Horse 14-6 Pellet
  • M-G® Super Horse 12-8 Pellet
  • Amplify® High Fat Supplement
  • Country Acres® Sweet or Pellet


We carry:

  • Purina® Stocker Grower Chows
  • Cattle Chows – Cubes, Meal, Creep, Textured
  • Purina® Accuration Cattle Limiters
  • Purina® Preconditioning / Receiving Chow
  • Wind & Rain® Fly Control Minerals
  • Wind & Rain® All Season Minerals
  • Honor Show Chow® Cattle Feeds 


We carry:

  • Purina® Chick Start & Grow Crumbles
  • Layena® Crumbles or Pellets
  • Purina® Flock Raiser Crumbles
  • Purina® Flock Block
  • Purina® Scratch and Grits

Goat & Sheep

We carry:

  • Purina® Goat Chow
  • Honor Show Chow® FLEX LAMB
  • Honor Show Chow® Goat Impulse
  • Land O’ Lakes® ProNurse Milk Replacer
  • Noble Goat® Grower 16% Pellets
  • Purina® Goat Mineral
  • Land O’ Lakes® Doe’s Match Kid Milk Replacerc


We carry:

  • Honor Show Chow® Show Poultry Feed
  • Honor Show Chow® Show Pig Feed
  • Honor Show Chow® Show Lamb Feed​
  • Honor Show Chow® Show Goat Feed
  • Honor Show Chow® Show Cattle Feed
  • Purina® High Octane Depth Charge
  • Purina® High Octane Power Fuel
  • Purina® High Octane Champion Drive
  • Purina® High Octane Heavy Weight
  • Purina® High Octane Fitter 35
  • Purina® High Octane Ultra Full

If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call and we will see if we can special order it for you!