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Pet Supplies

Only the best for man's best friend

Show your family’s dog, cat or other creature how much you love them with products from Linseisen.


We love our dog customers!  Well-mannered, leashed dogs are welcome in our store.  Like a pet store tucked inside a feed store, we’ve got all you need for your dog:  collars & harnesses, leashes, feeders & waterers, dewormer, vaccines, flea control, grooming tools & shampoos, crates & kennels, beds, waste control & training supplies, radio control systems, and more!  And with an array of foods from holistic to hunting dog specialties, we’ve got a dog food formula just right for your canine companion.

For our 9-lived-friends, we carry toys, feline furniture, treats, flea treatment, de-wormer, hairball control, litter & accessories, collars & harnesses and more.  Our cat food assortment of both dry and canned foods is sure to please even the most discerning kitty.


Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

We carry a wide variety of products for small animals.  With many cages to choose from, plus food, bedding, toys, shelters, treats, hay, bowls & waterers, you’re sure to find all the necessities for your ‘lil critter.

We offer a variety of food, treats and supplies for your aquatic pets. Let us know what you need, and we can get it for you!

Turtles, Fish, & Other Creatures

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